Mom Just Calling to Say Hi, Why Aren’t You Married Yet

Julie Parker, a 30-year-old senior level software engineer, confirms she received yet another phone call from her mother just to say hello and also ask why she is not yet married.


“I told her I was presenting the latest build of our mobile app at work today, so I assumed that’s what she was calling about,” says Parker. “But once we hopped on the phone, she said, ‘Hi honey! How was the presentation, also why aren’t you married yet? Julie, are you dating?’”


After abruptly hanging up on her, her phone buzzed with a text from her mother that read, “I want grandchildren!”


Julie’s mother, Helen Parker, had a vastly different perspective of the conversation, claiming she is simply looking out for Julie’s best interests.


“I love talking to my daughter on the phone, it’s very important to me that we stay connected,” says Helen. “But also, it’s important I remind her she needs to be having babies like, yesterday.”


The topic of having a family is not new territory for the mother and daughter and seems to be a nearly daily topic of conversation between the two.



“Sometimes if I don’t answer she’ll leave me a 20 minute voicemail about it, then text me to make sure I listen to it,” Julie added. “One time I just got a text that said, ‘Julie, have you ever smelled a baby’s head?’”


Despite Julie’s resistance, Helen has made it her job to find her daughter a good match.


“I went to meet this woman named Julie, but when I got there it was just the girl’s mom, “ says Ben Feder. “She interviewed me and grilled me for like an hour, then asked me if I’ve ever been to a male fertility specialist. It was very weird.”


“It’s too bad my mom is going through all this trouble, it’s pretty pointless,” Julie concluded. “I’m actually already in a relationship, I just haven’t told her yet. We actually live together and are discussing a proposal. I’m just not ready for her to meet him yet. Oh well.”