Uh Oh! Meghan Markle Was Caught Using Her Fork as a Comb

Megan Markle and Prince Harry are living happily ever after, but according to some palace sources, Markle is having a hard time adapting to royal life. Most recently, the Duchess of Sussex has been spotted using her fork as a comb in an embarrassing faux pas revealed this week.


“We were all embarrassed for her, but nobody wanted to say anything,” says a source close to Markle. “Prince Harry had to quietly take it from her hand and demonstrate that a fork is for eating so nobody would see the slip up. She’s learning the hard way that utensils are not grooming products.”


“The British royal family is an age-old institution that abides by strict traditions, many of which American Markle finds ‘difficult’ to understand,” says a Royal etiquette expert. “You can’t check someone’s heartbeat through their foot, the way Markle tried to do at Wimbledon.”


Fortunately, Markle is lucky she has her husband there to help her! “You can see that Prince Harry is guiding her in the right direction,” says the source. “Megan has been spotted pointing at objects in Buckingham Palace exclaiming, ‘Look at this stuff! Isn’t it neat?’ as if she’s never seen a clock before. But Harry’s always there to explain to her what royal British objects do.”



“As an American, Meghan finds royal protocol frustrating, but strolling along down a street is her life now,” says the source. “Meghan knows what she was getting into. She’s part of that world.”


“Adjusting to palace life is hard. There’s a lot of royal protocol that one has to follow, and it can be a lot to learn,” a Royal etiquette expert tells us. “It’s totally normal for new royals to slip up every now and then. Even Princess Diana was caught trying to use a pipe as a musical instrument!”


That said, Markle is catching on swimmingly. She has even been seen walking around the Palace on her two legs, as if she’s had them her whole life – without the help of Harry. You go, girl!