How I Lost 45 Pounds by Making My Teen Daughter Freaky Friday Me

Weight loss and fitness have always been a struggle for me. I’ve tried every diet there is, but yo-yo dieting is stressing and certainly no fun at all for the people around me. That’s why I was so relieved to find the one diet that shed pounds fast and kept them off ­– that’s right, I made my teen daughter Freaky Friday me and now I’m 45lbs lighter!


I haven’t felt this comfortable in my body since I was a teen, and it’s all thanks to the movie Freaky Friday (the 2003 classic, not that old fuzzy one).


People have been asking how I did it, so I’ll tell you my secret: I wished really hard to trade bodies with my young child but for months, I saw no change. I was wishing so hard and didn’t lose a single pound! In fact sometimes I was even gaining weight. Then finally one day, I paid my daughter 20 bucks to just say, “I wish my mom had my life” and voila, the pounds just fell off.


This diet is perfect because not only am I losing weight and feeling less tired, my teen has to deal with those excess pounds now, which is hilarious and ironic. That in itself makes me feel even skinnier. I’m also attending classes at her high school and they are such a breeze! I’m finally grateful for her remedial course load. She’s also been going to my office everyday which I’m sure is hilarious.


Please consult your doctor before trying the FF diet. It’s not for everyone mostly because everyone doesn’t have a teen daughter.



So next time you’re scrolling through Instagram model diet after Instagram model diet, remember there is an easy alternative out there for real people like me and you. That is, of course, if you’re a real person that believes in black magic that is ultimately supposed to teach a lesson for you both.


I highly recommend the Freaky Friday diet for any moms (or dads!) out there trying to take back control over their vessel. I feel strong, comfortable, healthy, happy and so much better. And if you were wondering, yes it was worth making my daughter feel worse! She’s kind of a bitch!!