Meghan Markle Awakes In Dead of Night, Whispers ‘Suits’

When it was announced that Prince Harry would be marrying Meghan Markle, the actress was quick to explain that she’d be giving up her career to pursue charity work and philanthropic causes. However, it appears Meghan is still haunted by the ghost of her career, as sources reveal that she recently awoke in the dead of night, sat upright in bed and whispered, “Suits”.


While Meghan has seemingly adjusted to royal life with ease, this new discovery reveals she has not forgotten about the seven years she spent acting on Suits, where she played a paralegal who just wants to score high enough on her LSAT to attend Columbia Law School.


Meghan has yet to release a statement regarding her midnight scare that made her relive her former life as a series regular on the USA Network, however sources at Windsor Castle have spoken of the incident.


“It’s nice to know Meghan is haunted by her past as a D-list celebrity on an OK show,” says a source, who wished to remain anonymous. “If anything, this makes the princess more relatable.”


“She could potentially be Queen someday,” adds another anonymous source. “But she’s also still always going to be ‘that girl from suits’ and she knows it.”



In the moments after Meghan’s tormented whisper, Prince Harry allegedly rubbed his fiancé’s back, kissed her neck and said, “Shh that’s all over now. You’re here. You’ll never have to film a walk-and-talk again. Now, come back to bed, my sweet.”


Sources confirm Meghan pulled on a robe, went downstairs to drink a glass of warm milk, then returned to her royal bedchamber, hoping she’d never be awoken by memories of the time she spent in Kappa Kappa Gamma at Northwestern University.