Sociopath Owns White Bra

Recently, it was uncovered that 23-year-old Elise Reigny, a sociopath, actually owns a white bra.


“I don’t really see the problem,” said Elise, a complete maniac. “What’s the big deal about owning a white bra?”


Multiple sources have confirmed that the bra in question was, in fact, purchased full-white, not cream colored or light beige as any woman with one iota of empathy or emotional intelligence would do.


“I own other colored bras as well,” explained Elise. “I just like to have options.”


“Like, what if I wanted to wear a white T-shirt?” the lunatic added, blindly ignoring the existence of nude bras.


Elise’s friends are concerned about her mental stability.


“She’s never really given off any vibes that she has a personality disorder,” said Lindsey Price, Elise’s longtime friend. “But once I found out she owns a white bra, it was obvious. Sociopathy is sneaky like that, but this makes it hard to deny.”


“What kind of monster owns a white bra?” said Elise’s coworker, Jill Penter. “If Elise is okay with making an insane decision like that, what kind of rash decisions could she make in our workplace?”


“It’s definitely concerning to have someone so devoid of human emotion or empathy around,” Jill added.


But literal crazy person Elise isn’t backing down from this very clearly irrational choice.



“I don’t understand the issue, it’s just a white bra,” said the heretic, wantonly disregarding her disturbing choice in undergarments.


“What’s next, you’re gonna tell me that I’m crazy for having a white lighter?” she added.