How I Stopped Being Embarrassed to Film TikToks by Saying My Record Label Forced Me to Do It

Despite social pressure from literally everyone I know, I’ve always been too scared to film myself for TikToks because the whole process is so embarrassing to me. But when I saw that pop stars were making TikToks with captions like “when the label asks me to make my 8th tiktok of the week,” or “all record labels ask for are tiktoks and i got told off today for not making enough effort,” I realized that I finally had a way out of my predicament. Here’s how I fought my TikTok embarrassment by captioning them that my record label forced me to make them.


Stars: they’re just like us, which means they feel societal pressure to make TikToks, too! Now that I know this secret, I’ve made over 20 TikToks without any fear, and all because I made sure to blame them all on the company that owns my nonexistent music (for now, I mean, you never know, right?)!


Of course, after posting lots of TikToks that threw my label under the bus, I received many worried comments from strangers along with messages from my friends. People I didn’t even know were commenting things like “hang in there queen!” and “stay strong bestie,” and one of my best friends texted me, “I didn’t know you were making music, or that you got signed! Congrats! Also, are you okay?”



This overwhelming response was amazing to me, because not only were my TikToks keeping my friends and family up to date, they were also making the random users who got my videos on their For You page worried about me as well! I learned that TikTok is actually a great platform to document your life, even if the things you’re saying aren’t true at all!


Despite not ever making music and having an actual full-time job in software development, I now make a TikTok every single day without any fear, and all because I caption them with things like, “help! my label says if this tiktok doesn’t get 100k views then they’re not going to release my new single!” I never knew just how much people came together on TikTok to help out someone who makes pop music, but now I know how truly loving the community is. Plus, now I always have someone to blame when my TikToks don’t get any likes!