‘Don’t Be So Dramatic,’ Says Boyfriend Who Punches Walls

Boyfriend Daniel Simmons told his girlfriend Sara Chatterjee to “stop being so dramatic” last Thursday after complaining to him about work troubles, despite an ongoing habit of punching walls when he becomes angry or frustrated.


After lamenting about working in a toxic environment for over a year, Daniel reminded Sara to “lighten up,” even though he punched a wall in his apartment when his Xbox was accidently unplugged from the wall 30 minutes into his game.


Simmons then encouraged her to “have a positive attitude,” as he iced his swollen, fractured hand from punching a stone wall.


When Sarah asked why he punched the wall made entirely of stone, he said that his friend Josh “…wouldn’t stop being a dick about something. Can you just chill out for once?”


After reminding her that “It’s not the end of the world,” he returned to his discussion about how his March madness bracket got “…all fucked up. I sent the wrong one,” before slamming the dishwasher shut, breaking several plates inside.


When asked if he wanted to talk through his anger with a professional, Simmons declined.



“I have to go blow off some steam,” he responded before going into the bathroom to fuck up the shower for 20 minutes.


Simmons told Chatterjee that she was being “so over-the-top about this” after a pipe burst, flooding the apartment.