Guy Who ‘Wants Someone to Go on Adventures With’ Takes Date To Chili’s

26-year-old Aidan Miller, whose Tinder bio states that he “is looking for someone to go on adventures with”, took his first date to Chili’s for a casual dining experience this evening.


“I’m looking for someone who appreciates my spontaneity,” Miller wrote in his dating profile. “I’m just the type of guy with a spur-of-the-moment lifestyle, who’s always down to try new things, and I’m interested in women who aren’t afraid to take bold risks either. Don’t hold anything back!”


“I liked his profile pictures of him paragliding through the Grand Canyon, fly fishing and lying on the ground with what I assume is his golden retriever puppy. So I thought, ‘Why not?’ says Miller’s date, Kiera Zambon. “But I guess those pics were from one trip he took five years ago, so I guess we’re just at Chili’s now.”


Zambon felt surprised when Miller took her to Chili’s, given the extensive descriptions of his adventurous personality,


“I hope Keira has the same vivacity and passion for life that I do, because I’m looking for a free spirit who would drop everything and come with me if I bought tickets to the Czech Republic for no reason,” says Miller, “That’s just one example of the fun, impulsive decisions I’d like to think I’m capable of making.”


Miller then paused as he scanned the Chili’s dinner menu before selecting something called Crispy Chicken Crispers, because it “looked fun and interesting.”



Zambon decided she’d make the best of her situation, however, and ordered what appeared to be the most exciting thing on the menu – a mix and match loaded fajita with white cheese and pico de gallo.


“At least I’ll get a free meal out of this,” Kiera says.


“Keira really seemed interested in my whole philosophy,” says Miller. “I was explaining to her how falling in love with a guy like me is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, you know, like if she just took a leap of faith we could have a real romance. I believe life is all about taking risks,” he said taking a sip of the blueberry pineapple infused margarita.


“I wasn’t expecting us to go ziplining off the Empire State building or anything like that,” says Kiera. “But it seems to me you shouldn’t call yourself ‘fun, wild and free!’ in your profile if you’re going to take me to a strip mall for dinner.”


At the end of their date, Miller confidently told Zambon to call him whenever she felt ready for the unexpected.