How to Date Someone Who’s Way Out of Your Kickball League

You’re in the midst of a heated corporate kickball league semifinal when suddenly a dreamy guy jogs over and totally asks you out! But—uh oh—he isn’t on an opposing team, or even one of the other athletic clubs in your town. He’s totally hot and way out of your kickball league! Like, he doesn’t even play kickball! What now?! Don’t panic—here’s how to deal when a out-of-your-league hottie wants your body.


Be open to new experiences.

Just because he’s not in a kickball league doesn’t mean he’s not a real person with real interests! Sure, his favorite sport might not facilitate low-impact social bonding in the way kickball does, but there’s nothing wrong with a guy who likes rock climbing or even sailing! Ask him about what it’s like to have his hobbies—his life is so different from yours! If you’re being open but it’s just not working, at least you have something to brag about to your teammates on the way to practice.


Make sure he likes you for YOU.

People often fall in love with the IDEA of dating someone who’s in a kickball league, thinking it’s all muddy shower sex and postgame happy hours. But it’s not all fun and games: There’s also team drama, long hours of scrimmages, and a whole lot of “shortstop” jokes when he ejaculates prematurely. Ask yourself: Is this person only interested in you when you’re wearing your Summer 2015 Deloitte Kickball League t-shirt? If so, get him out of your life! If he can see past the mid-sized trophies on your shelf, you’ve got yourself a keeper!



Return to your roots.

Think about interests you had before you joined the kickball team. Ugh, you were so lame! This new beau might be the universe’s way of telling you it’s time to revive your passion for crafting custom jewelry and selling it on Etsy. Your teammates will make fun of you when you show up to practice wearing a handmade Harry-Potter-inspired pendant, but who cares? You’re exploring life outside your kickball league for the first time since you joined it!


Remember: Kickball leagues are a construct.

It’s important to remember that the idea of a “kickball league” is really just a social construct. He may not be in your kickball league NOW but that doesn’t mean he can’t join in the future! It’s walk-on, after all. Just have him stand somewhere nearby like a nice tree and wait for him to eventually see how fun it is to play co-ed sports together!


Dating outside your kickball league can be hard work—you have to spend time away from your teammates and there’s not always five-dollar beer—but it can be worth it. Believe in yourself, and know that you have what it takes to date someone from any kickball league!