Woman Thanks Boyfriend For Putting Up With Her Totally Reasonable Behavior

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Earlier today, 24-year-old Hannah Fuller thanked her longtime boyfriend, Joe Messer, for “putting up” with her perfectly normal behavior.


“Joe deserves all the praise in the world for what he tolerates from me,” a teary-eyed Fuller says. “I’m so thankful to have found a man who will endure my presence when I’m in a neutral mood.”


Fuller, who describes herself as “literally so crazy right now” says she doesn’t know how her boyfriend stays with her despite her predictably sane behavior.


“One time, Hannah snapped at me when I interrupted her working,” says Messer. “She had this huge design project due that night and I wanted to know what microwave setting you use for bagel bites, so she told me to go away.”


Fuller apologized to Messer for snapping, then thanked him profusely for putting up with her justifiable reaction.


“I felt like such a bitch asking Joe to get out of my office,” Fuller recounts. “Was I working on the biggest project of my career? Yes, but that doesn’t give me the right to brusquely ask him for time to myself without saying ‘Sorry!’ first. You know, like some kind of psycho.”


To show her appreciation for Joe’s tolerance of her normal human behavior, Fuller crafted a handwritten Thank You note from origami and baked a pan of dark chocolate brownies.



“Joe’s never left me for my ridiculous outbursts, like when I got a sad for a little while after my great aunt passed away,” Fuller says. “He held my hand even though I was being an utter fucking lunatic, crying for no other reason than a simple death in the family! God, I’m so thankful to have a boyfriend who puts up with my balls-to-the-wall normal behavior.”


When pressed for comment, Joe claimed “putting up with” Hannah requires little to no work.


“It’s not that difficult to listen to her absolutely rational problems, then reassure her everything will be okay,” Messer says, “If she wants to thank me, I’ll accept, but supporting each other seems like what normal people do in a normal relationship.”


Fuller disagrees, claiming Joe’s ability to cope with her when she’s not 100% perfect makes him a superhero.


At the conclusion of the interview, Fuller was seen presenting Joe with a floral arrangement for his patience, as he “put up with her” taking forever to make him a birthday breakfast-in-bed.