Woman Just Lets Phone Die

In a tragic turn of events at a gathering late last night, Kara Boyd let her phone die, just like that.


“Honestly, it was hard to watch it go from red to nothing,” recalls Boyd’s close friend, Amina. “The only thing more terrifying was the look of indifference on her face. She just watched it die.”


“It was dying for over an hour,” says Shawn, another partygoer. “She looked it straight in the face and did nothing to save it. The 20% notification was ignored. The 10% notification was ignored. Then POOF, just like that, everything went black.”


Witnesses say Boyd quietly slipped the phone in her purse, like this was something she did all the time.



“There were plenty of people with chargers if she would have just asked for one,” says Jae, another friend. “There was also at least one available outlet, but it’s like she didn’t even care. It’s as if she liked watching it die.”


“I had to leave after that,” Amina says. “I felt sick to my stomach.”


Although Boyd has no recorded history of neglect toward her phone, she still made the curious decision to simply watch the phone die slowly in front of her and did nothing to stop it.


“Think of all the memories they’ll never share from that night,” says a witness who wished to remain anonymous. “That’s a whole night of texts she’ll never return in a timely fashion. It’s a free country, but all I can say is I would never let that happen to my own phone, and I don’t want to be friends with someone who lets it happen to theirs.”


When asked to comment Boyd stated, “I like my phone but I was a block from home and just didn’t really need it last night? What’s everyone freaking out about?”