Woman Totally Looks Like Someone Else You Know

Sources report that there’s a woman sitting across from you right now who totally looks like another person you know from somewhere else.


One bystander named Kevin has noted you looking at her, saying, “Oh my god. That’s uncanny.”


Preliminary research indicates a possibility that the woman you’re currently looking at is the same person you’re thinking of, but she’s most likely a total stranger, even though she looks exactly like the girl at CrossFit who cries in the bathroom. She’s even wearing the same green shorts, but really, what are the chances?


When asked to comment, the girl sitting across from you grimaced. “I get that a lot,” she says without making eye contact.


According to witnesses, the girl at the coffee shop especially looks like the girl from CrossFit when she turns her head to the left, but a lot less when you’re looking at her straight on. Witnesses also say that the amount you’re staring at her is making the woman uncomfortable.



Your friend Marcia who does CrossFit with you totally agrees on the resemblance based on the photo you covertly took and texted to her.


“I think it’s the eyebrow shape that’s really making it weird,” Marcia says. “It looks like she saw you taking this photo though so maybe you should stop.”


As for the woman who looks like someone else, sources report that she left about two minutes ago to meet her boyfriend, who kind of looks like that guy who was in Korn.