Local Mom Gives Birth to Three Overnight Oats in Mason Jars

29-year-old Kirsten Murphy gave birth to three healthy overnight oats in Mason jars last night around 9:23 pm. This is a first-time overnight oats birth for Murphy, who had not meal-prepped once in her life until last night.


After just 25 minutes of labor, Murphy was surprised to learn that her end of the work was over. “Once I had pushed through and gotten the milk, Greek yogurt and oats into all the Mason jars, they basically just got transferred to the fridge and the fridge did all the work!” she recounts. “And me, I was knocked out the whole time.” she says. “I just went to sleep and poof! My overnight oats were there when I woke up.”


Murphy wasted no time posting photos of her little creations on Instagram, using the hashtag #overnightmiracle. Friends responded enthusiastically and supportively, with comments such as, “I cannot wait to see them in person when you get to work this morning!” and “Aww! They look just like you!”


When asked if her friends had thrown a party to celebrate her new meal-prepping phase, Murphy paused. “Well, we didn’t do anything big, really. Though my girlfriends and I did go out the night before and get wasted, mostly because I said I couldn’t get trashed the next day cuz I had a bunch of overnight oats to push out into the world. It was really thoughtful of them.”



The overnight oats weighed a collective 3 pounds and 7 ounces, jars included. While the gender has not yet been confirmed, Murphy did make sure to put little blue ribbons on all of the mason jars.


“I’m just… so proud,” she said through tears as she stared at her divine creations, resting peacefully in their refrigerator. “It’s like you don’t know what you’re capable of until you create something so beautiful.”