The Perfect Mason Jars to Add to Your Collection of Mason Jars

Finding Mason jars is fun, because Mason jars are great for adding to the unreasonable number of Mason jars that you already have. So here are some more Mason jars for you to impulse buy so that you have a ton more Mason jars!


1. Ball Wide Mouth Mason Jar (Joann Fabrics, $8.99)Mason Jar 1


Here is a really short one! It’s so adorable, like if an elephant sat on a regular Mason jar. It would make the rest of the Mason jars in your overflowing collection look really tall by contrast. How cute is this Mason jar, though?





2. Original Mason Handle Jar (Bed Bath and Beyond, $4.99)

Mason jar 2


THIS ONE HAS A HANDLE!!! Therefore it’s obviously very different from all the existing Mason jars that you have collected, so you should buy it. This totally disrupts the Mason jar playing field by providing you with two ways to hold your Mason jar: regular around-the-barrel hold, or handle-hold. I mean fuhhhh!!!






3. Chalk Note Mason Jar Mug (Pier1 imports, $6.00)mason jar 3

We’re legit dying. This one has a fancy chalkboard paint patch for you to write something with chalk! It’s ideal for collecting dust while you spend years figuring out how to painstakingly hand-letter the label for a garden party that you’ll never have.







4. Mason Jars and Caddy (Pier1 imports, $29.95)Image 4

Can anyone say, “Mason jar”? This set has all the bells and whistles—and jars! Three Mason jars and a carrier for moving them from house to house over the span of your life. Really though, who can say “Mason jar”? We can! “Mason jar.” See? Haha. “Mason jar!”







5. Vintage Mason Jar (Etsy, HereOnTheFarm, $48)Image 5

Vintage Mason jars from antique stores are rustic AF, and they are amazing because they are older than all of the other Mason jars sitting on the Mason jar shelf in your garage! One day, you will be someone who uses all of their Mason jars, not just one or two!







6. Blue Vintage Mason Jars with Zinc Lids (Etsy, SherwoodVintageShop, $28 for set of 3)mason jar 6

You’ve heard of Mason jars and you’ve heard of the color blue, but blue Mason jars??!?!! These mason jars are the cream of the crop because they are blue and their crusty lids will never ever come off, rendering them utterly perfect for sitting in your basement until you die. You are now a Mason jar!!







Hopefully with this list you’ll be able to build a large enough collection of Mason jars that one day when you die, everyone at your estate sale will say, “OMG Mason jars!!!!”