I Said ‘Yes’ To Everything For A Week And This Guy Ate My Feet

After feeling a little down and craving a major change in my life, I decided to do what many women try in order to have something to write about: say “yes” to every opportunity that came to me for one full week. And it turns out, saying “yes” brought experiences and opportunities into my life that I never would have dreamed possible.


I also said yes to this guy who asked me if he could eat my feet so, there’s that.


At first, saying “yes” to everything felt really empowering. I realized that my own fears and insecurities had caused me to become shut off and negative, and saying “yes” opened me up to a positivity I’d never felt before. I said yes to late night drinks with friends, a new career move, a spontaneous day trip and one super awkward Tinder date that ended with this guy asking if he could eat my feet, which he did.


My typical reaction to this dude would be “Hmm, definitely not.” But after remembering my pact, I started thinking back to this self-help book I skimmed and realized that saying “yes” is what cool, confident women do and when you’re having a “yes” streak, there should be no caveats. So I said “Yes, absolutely,” and before I new it he was munching up my feet right there at the Potbelly’s he’d suggested we meet up at.



Now that I have no feet, there are actually a lot of things I have to say “no” to. For example, walking. Doctors say that someday I’ll be able to walk again, but first I have some healing to do – emotional and physical. Emotional, because my insecurities ultimately led me to allow a stranger to chew my feet down into nubs, and physical because the nubs are very raw and bleeding.


My friends used to say things like, “You always say no to everything! Try saying yes, you might like it!” Now they say, “What were you thinking?!” I guess you really can’t please everyone! Unless you’re trying to please a hungry freak who wants to chow down on your feet, including the heel. Strangely, he is very easy to please!


I can’t say I didn’t learn anything from my week of yes. I learned that I actually don’t like going on for drinks on weeknights! And that having a man you met on a dating app tear apart your foot flesh is very painful and doesn’t really boost your confidence.


As they say, you live and you learn! Well, I’ve lived and I’ve learned. And I’ll never let a man eat my feet again, because I physically can’t!


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