How to Get His Number Without Starting a ‘New Phone, Need Numbers’ Facebook Event

So you met a really cute guy, who seems sort of into you! But he left before you guys got the chance to get his number, but he did friend you on Facebook. While the first thing you might think to do is make a huge Facebook event claiming you lost your phone and need everybody’s number, here are some other options to try that aren’t as obvious, demeaning, and downright creepy as feigning a lost phone and making a — *shudder*– Facebook event.


Look Up His Website

If this cutie has a strong personal brand, he’ll have a website, and that website will most likely have his digits somewhere on there (If they don’t, his personal brand isn’t strong and that is bad!) Text him saying you saw his online ‘zine about whale cruelty and got his number from the site, but don’t be weird about it! Buffer the weirdness by telling him his vision is garbage! A little constructive criticism is way better than inviting all your friends to a Facebook event called, “LOST PHONE NEED UR NUMBER”!


Corner His Adult Niece

He mentioned that the girl he’d been talking to earlier, Lily or something, was his 22-year-old niece. He mentioned she was an intern at the toy store a couple minutes away, so head on over there and play it cool until she’s alone. Then approach her, with purpose, and demand she gives you the information you so coyly desire! Yell, scream, get violent if need be! Being old-fashioned is cute and DEFINITELY not weird!



Disguise Yourself As an Elderly Custodian at His Workplace and Befriend Him Slowly Over Time

Sometimes, a little creativity is necessary to score them digits! Here’s an idea: go to his office and beat up one of the janitors that works there, take his/her outfit, find a fake mustache and some glasses, and try out a deeper, gruffer voice. You’re unrecognizable now, and it’s time to befriend your crush and gain his trust! With time, he’ll grow to appreciate the sage, eloquent advice this older and wiser custodian imparts, and give you his number to chat whenever. This move always pays off!


These are just a few ideas that are a little less contrived and calculated as faking a Facebook event in hopes that he will post his phone number on the page’s wall. Lame! Give one of these a shot, and you’ll surely be on your way to receiving one of the most special combinations of words that digital correspondence can offer: “who dis?”


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