4 Setbacks In Your Twenties That Still Aren’t As Frustrating As Word’s AutoFormat Feature

From relationship troubles to career struggles, you’re going to encounter many setbacks before the time you turn 30. But no setback will ever be as frustrating as Microsoft Word’s automatic formatting feature that configures numbered lists, bullet points, and other things that don’t make sense to even intelligent and capable people. Here are four common struggles that are not as endlessly annoying as the colossally stupid AutoFormat feature.


Struggling To Find a Career

It can be daunting trying to find a job in this oversaturated workforce. Thankfully, it will never be as daunting as having to edit a table in Microsoft Word, which is a nightmare that few people have dealt with in a healthy way. As you apply to job after job to no avail, remember that it could always be worse. You could be attempting to delete a single row in your Microsoft Word table without Word automatically bumping your whole table to the previous page.


Paying Off Your Student Loans

One of the most trying experiences many young people will go through in their mid to late twenties is paying off their student loans. Of course, paying student loans still isn’t nearly as bad as trying to number certain paragraphs in a Word doc without the file immediately restructuring itself into a numbered list. If we wanted a list, we would make a list! We just want to number certain paragraphs. How hard is that, Word?


Your First Long Term Breakup

As hard as it can be to think about, your heart is going to get broken in your twenties. There’s just no way around it. Just know that no partner can ever hurt you as badly as Word hurts you every time it insists on jamming that extra space in between every paragraph. Sure, you can turn off AutoFormat, but goddammit if that isn’t complicated too.



Having To Move Back Home

Being in your twenties in the 21st century means having to face an unpleasant reality: You may have to move back in with your parents until you can get on your feet. This is a setback that no one wants to run into, but at least it isn’t as bad as trying to include a footer in your Word doc. Living with your parents as an adult can be aggravating, but at least your mom will never make you create two separate text boxes for page numbers and document information.


Remember, your twenties are a marathon, not a sprint. You’ll have to deal with hurdle after hurdle, and sometimes the challenge will seem insurmountable. But remember this: If you’ve ever edited a document in Word with AutoFormat enabled, you can make it through anything.


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