10 Ages You’ll Only Turn in Your Twenties

Women - Reductress

From your early, HPV-free twenties, to your late twenties when you find a single gray hair in your sink, your twenties are a magical time. You only have a decade to make the most of the ten distinct ages you’ll experience, so here’s a guide of what to expect:



This is the only age that will signal the dawn of your 20s. You’re not a teen anymore! Congratulations! Make this one count because once you turn 21, you’ll never see 20 again.



This is the big one! It’s the only year of your twenties where you’re suddenly old enough to drink. Take lots of pictures because you might not remember anything after your 20s are over.



This one has a song! It’s a Taylor Swift song! Listen to that song because 22 is an age you’ll only be once. Some of you might graduate college at this age, and some of you might not.



What a great year this will be. “Only happens in your twenties,” as they say! You are specifically 23 years of age.




Emma Watson was 24 when she started her #HeForShe United Nations Gender Equality campaign. What a great way to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime age!



You’re officially in what can only be referred to as your mid-twenties! Time to rent a car and look back on half of your 20s with a heavy dose of nostalgia. There are five more ages left on this list.



This is the age you will be when you are no longer 25, but are not yet 27! Look at you go! Cherish it while you can!



Hey! 27 is cool! That’s how old a lot of sexy, talented celebs were when they died! They knew their 20s were numbered, and just skipped right to the end of this list.



Woah—your 20s are almost over, never to happen again. You are mature. Mature and tired. So, so fucking tired. Give lots of world-weary advice to women in their early 20s in bars.



This is okay. This is going to be okay. You may be running out of ages to turn in your 20s, but soon you’ll look back on this list and understand each age with the knowledge of someone who’s experienced their 20s.


Once your twenties are behind you, you’ll have all the time in the world to get engaged immediately upon turning 30. Have fun!