How to Handle the Unbelievable Beauty and Integrity of Your BFF

 Your best friend has always been there for you no matter what goes down, and she should be appreciated! Of course, when you start thinking about her too much it can be overwhelming and emotional, considering she is, in the end, a goddess who has graced your life with her presence for a reason unbeknownst to you. You’re the luckiest bitch in the world, but try to keep it together! Here’s how to handle the unbelievable beauty and integrity of your BFF.


Narrow Your Focus

Instead of trying to explain all the incredible qualities your best friend possesses to someone who doesn’t know her, narrow your focus and think of one amazing thing about her you can share. Of course, selecting one thing is an impossible task because your BFF is the smartest, prettiest, funniest, sexiest and most caring person in the entire world. She literally can and will do it all so it’s actually impossible that this doesn’t end in you fucking balling your eyes out! This bitch is the best bitch!


Talk It Out

If you find yourself feeling so much gratitude towards your BFF that you are unable to get anything done, try talking it out! Find someone who you trust and schedule a sit down with them to discuss why your sister from another mister is the fucking queen of the world and how excited you are to be along for the ride that is her life. Although it might be tempting to meet with your bestie to tell her why you love her, that will end in you both disintegrating due to the power of the pure love you have for each other. It’s too strong, you’ll die!



Keep Functioning

Even though you spend all day every day thinking about your lady doing her own individual thing but still sending you her silent but powerful good vibes, do your best to be productive at work. Just because you are so fucking obsessed with the amazing woman you get to call your best friend in the whole world, there are also other things you have to do. Psych, as if! Your best friend is the reason your life is fulfilling! All that matters is that you support that fucking incredible freak!


Doing you while simultaneously gushing over your best friend’s perfect face and incredible soul is the ultimate challenge, but use these tools to help. And if you can’t figure out how to balance your work/home/BFF adoration, then you know what to do: Make your BFF your home and your job!! Live and work in her!!!


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