Beach Body? This Woman Transformed Into the Pacific Coastline in 90 Days

California native Moira Brown wanted to get her body ready for the summertime, when she realized the best way to get a beach bod is to become the beach itself: In just 90 days, the 28-year-old transformed into an entire body of land and sea.


You go, girl!


Moira used to be 5’2” and now she is 6,640 miles long, but the journey wasn’t easy.


“So many people tried to tell me I couldn’t become the Pacific coastline, that it was an unrealistic body image,” Moira shared. “But I love the way I look now, I have depth and I’m home to beautiful aquatic life.”


So, how was Moira able transform complete her transformation? “It took a lot of sand and other natural resources,” Moira shared. “I also had to confer with dark magic from a school of deep-sea witches.”


What a stunning transformation!


Moira’s diet now includes 187 quintillion gallons of water from the Pacific Ocean and endless helpings of the earth’s crust.


“It was really important that I ate a balance diet,” Moira dished. “The sea magic was only one part of my transformation. The other half was lots of seafood and kelp so I could balance the biome of my gut, aka the Pacific Ocean.”


Work that coastal bod, beach babe!


Does Moira have any regrets about her transformation from human body to body of water? “Well, I miss doing human things. The sharks are a real pain in the ass, but I feel so confident and powerful now that I am a coastline.”



Yes, we love women who are large swathes of shore!


Moira is now selling her diet and exercise plan so other women can transform into beaches, ponds, and even deltas. The program does require a sacrifice so the sirens have something to reap energy from in order to complete the transformation, but think about it this way: you are only $24.99 and a human sacrifice away from your beach body!