When Does Beauty Rest Become Clinical Depression?

A good night’s sleep can help speed up your metabolism, improve your skin, and provide you with an activity that helps you escape from the terrifying world around you. But sleeping too much may be a sign that you are actually clinically depressed. So just how many extra zzz’s will land you at the numb, hopeless bottom you’re all too familiar with?
Experts suggest that the ideal beauty sleep is right around eight hours. Then again, these experts probably have jobs with benefits and a sense of fulfillment that you may never possess. So, what is right for you? The fact is, no one but you can know exactly how much sleep your body needs, or how badly you need to avoid sunlight and other living beings.

In addition to sleep, your body also needs to take in Vitamin D from the sun. On the other hand, sun exposure can cause signs of aging, and sheds light on the harsh reality that you are turning 30 next week and still have never been in a relationship that lasted longer than nine months, not to mention a child or at least your own apartment.
Whatever your reason for taking the local route on the “Z” train, if you plan on staying in bed for more than ten hours, be sure have plenty of ice cream and Klonopin before going to sleep, so that your body doesn’t need to wake you up to eat or cry.