Trauma-ROMA! Therapy for Your Candle Lover with PTSD!

Wondering which scented candles to get for the PTSD sufferer in your life? Fear not! The scents below will calm even the unsteadiest nerves.


“Lone Survivor on an Island Breeze”

So your girlfriend spent 18 blistering days trapped off the coast of Haiti, surrounded by the bodies of her Semester at Sea colleagues. Remind her it wasn’t all bad with a beach-scented candle! Hints of sea salt will remind her of cozy nights by the water source.


“Abusive Fat Camp Apple”

Your son or daughter may still tear up at the memories of stomach cramps in a cold cabin, but they’ll definitely appreciate the nod to healthy new eating choices with this apple-scented candle. Bonus: the candle is poisonous if eaten.


“When I Close My Eyes I See Blood Orange”

This bedroom candle brings tranquility to newly light sleepers after that escaped serial killer climbed in their bedroom window. It’s also easily portable if you want to hide in the closet from armed intruders.



“She Used to Answer To Jasmine Rose”

Your teenager may not remember the rules of modern society after escaping the cult she ran away to, but she might be calmed by this liberating floral scent. She can’t hear you over her music and she certainly doesn’t want you to touch her. Only one sense can get your baby girl back – smell!


“His Breath Was Anything But Mint”

What really happened at that frat party? Allow your roommate to retrace her steps to the serene glow of this candle.


“He Was Only Going Out For Milk and Honey”

It should have taken five minutes, but it’s been two years and the kids are starting to believe that Daddy isn’t coming home. This hearty yet nurturing candle strives to be everything they need in a father and assuage their now-constant fear of abandonment.


These candles will provide just the right stimulation to help your PTSD sufferer process and release their past trauma. Hopefully!