Top 3 Spectrums You Need to be Aware of

It’s not unusual to be in a gossip sesh when all of a sudden someone someone or something being “on the spectrum.” But with so many spectrums to keep track of, how are you supposed to know what they’re talking about? Here are the top three you need to be aware of:




What it is:

Definitely the hottest spectrum of the moment, it seems like just about everyone is has this trendy disorder. Autism is when people can’t pick up on social cues, like if you tell a friend you’re getting tired at the end of dinner party and they offer you tea, or if a date keeps talking about his favorite TV show instead of asking you questions about yours.


Conversation tip:

If your friend is describing someone and says, “He’s definitely on the spectrum,” they’re probably referring to autism. A great way to follow up is “Yeah, he’s always been a little Asperger-y.” (FYI: Asperger’s Syndrome is the most famous type of autism.)


Famous celebs on the autism spectrum:

Gwyneth Paltrow – She’s completely out of touch with reality, but a total savant when it comes to shopping.





What it is:

In a nutshell, sexuality has to do with who a person wants to bone. It’s an area with some wiggle room, which is great because you can make out with gal pals at a bars to turn on guys and still be straight. Weird? Yes. Interesting? Definitely. And we all want to be interesting!

Conversation tip:

This spectrum comes up most often when talking about ex-boyfriends who didn’t show enough sexual interest in you, or when someone ‘fesses up to fantasizing about a same-sex friend or celebrity and it gets a little awkward. Something you can always offer is, “Kinsey said we’re all a little gay…we’re all on a spectrum.” It’ll ease the tension in the room while making you sound like a total sexpert.


Famous celebs who are on the sexual spectrum:

Katy Perry – She kissed a girl, she liked it, and she’s still dating John Mayer.


The Rainbow


What it is:

The rainbow is what happens when rain and sunshine mix. It is also all of the colors known to mankind. You may recognize it from colors.


Conversation tip:

The rainbow comes up all of the time, especially when talking about clothes or interior decorating. Someone is probably referring to this spectrum if you’re discussing the color of something. A great thing to add to the conversation is to name a color and say, “It’s the new black this season.”


Famous celebs who are on the spectrum:

Blue Ivy Carter – Her first name is a color.
Now that you know about the most important spectrums, double-check the definitions on Wikipedia before you start talking to people about them.