A Mom’s Story: I Want My Daughter to Attend All The Weddings She Ever Wanted

daughter wedding

Since my daughter was born, I’ve been waiting for the moment when Chloe and would call to tell me: “Mom, I’ve been invited to four weddings this April.” Every mother – especially one with a daughter in her mid-thirties – can imagine how overjoyed I am to support her emotionally and financially as she enters this next phase of her friends’ lives.
I’ve been saving up for this month since my little girl’s friends started talking crushes and Crate & Barrel stemware at sleepovers. Chloe will look like a princess in her elegant eggplant, off-coral, and dusty shale bridesmaid dresses. And screw you Bonnie – we weren’t looking for a bridesmaid-sweep this season anyway.

As a young woman, I never had the chance to attend the wedding of my dreams – a Gatsby-themed destination wedding in Barcelona. I had to settle for my best friend’s simple, humble wedding in the back of the Elk’s Lodge in our hometown. We were all so young then.
Unfortunately, my life savings is still no match when it comes to the manicures, the hair appointments, the cab fare to the airport, the flight, the cab fare from the airport, the hotel, the penis straws, the real bridal shower gift, Saturday morning Gatorade, wedding weekend activities, Sunday morning Gatorade, and the wedding gift imported from Malta. But with the frequent flier miles my beautiful daughter will earn getting to the Indian wedding, we’re hoping for a free business class upgrade on her way to #inloveinparadise wedding on Maui later this season.
At times like this I think of how short life is, and I smile knowing that my daughter will never have to miss the best day of other people’s lives.