Woman Barely Holding It Together In The Face Of No Adversity

Despite her college education and gainful employment, 26-year-old Los Angeles native Emily Feldman is “just having a really hard time right now,” in spite of an objective lack of adversity in her life.


Feldman, a white and reasonably attractive woman living in a nice one-bedroom in Hollywood, with occasional financial assistance from her middle-class parents, appears to be completely out of her depth due to the generally manageable trials of living as a human.


“She says she feels weird,” sister Carrie Feldman shared, picking up a salad from the neighborhood health food store. “She’s listening to her pump-up playlist but nothing’s working.”


When pressed what exactly in her life is too much for her, Feldman sobbed, “I don’t even know,” but that work has been “kinda stressful” and that even though Chris did text her back, he did not follow up with a question, so she’s really not sure whether or not he is into her.



In a late-night Facebook message, Feldman wrote to a friend: “I’m aware that there is nothing really wrong with my life in general which is actually worse because then I feel bad about feeling bad because I don’t really have anything to feel actually bad about but I do still feel bad, you know?”


She then added: “Can people die from stress?”


Feldman’s friends, many of whom consider her problems to be “illegitimate” commented that they are “kind of at the end of their rope” and have also stated that “it’s hard to feel bad for her,” especially considering she won’t see a therapist despite her adequate health insurance and ample time and they fact that they “…have asked her to go to one, like, a lot.”


Feldman shared that she is not planning to seek therapy help at this time, but is going to attempt to “dance it out” because she’s feel “way stressed.”