Bride’s First Dance To Be A Sexy One With Her BFF

In a touching shout out to her bestie for life, Melissa Downing plans to slowly writhe alongside Teresa Maguire to “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard at her wedding this April. She will eschew the traditional bride-and-groom first dance, as well as the complementary father-daughter dance, in favor of a sexy semi-choreographed dance with her platonic friend of seven years.


“I guess things are different these days,” says Downing’s father. “I just hope Melissa and Terry don’t mime vague sexual acts like they did at my 50th birthday.”


Downing plans to make her wedding to Greg Windham a testament to her friendship with Maguire, whom she met when they were placed in the same freshman orientation group at Colorado State University. They hit it off right away, beginning a friendship that would eventually culminate in performing sultry body rolls together at nearly every social function they’ve attended.


“I instructed the bartender to make our favorite drinks from college, vodka cran sodas, which might be a bad idea considering how much we tend to spill our drinks on each other during the ‘you got the peaches, I’ve got the cream’ verse,” says Maguire, “but whatevs, it’ll be totally fun either way.”


The couple’s mutual friend Nate Schumann was impressed with the non-traditional choice.



“It’s cool to see girls being feminists or whatever, and Melissa has always been super chill so I wasn’t surprised when she did something totally hot like this on her wedding day.”


Downing’s groom Greg is excited to see both of their extended families gathered together for the first time.


“You know, I always pictured Melissa and me at our wedding, dancing to that Otis Redding song we both love with my mother looking on in tears,” said Greg. “But if she wants to choreograph an erotic dry hump with an old friend, who am I to say no? It’s her special day.”