Progress! Woman Experiencing Happiness Only 25% Sure Something Terrible is About to Ruin It

In an exciting demonstration of personal growth, Lila Stroud is currently experiencing happiness and is only 25% sure something terrible is about to ruin it.


“This is really strange,” Lila says. “I just feel super connected to my friends, I’ve been enjoying reading more, I feel peaceful when I’m alone, I am cherishing the experience of my life’s many pleasures. But the weirdest part is that while I do think this is all a trick my brain is playing on me and soon something horrible will happen that will remind me life is bad, I’m also like, maybe not?”


Wow! Lila’s ability to enjoy experiencing happiness without focusing predominantly on its cruel impermanence is a real milestone for this anxious depressive!


“Of course, there’s the part of me that says, ‘Okay, you’re feeling too good. You’re going to suddenly start having a paradoxical drug reaction to your Lexapro, or you’re going to see a dog get hit by a car, or your ex-boyfriend is going to start dating Dua Lipa,’” Lila says. “But then I’m also like, none of those things have happened yet, and I’m currently just happy, which is sort of rare and amazing, and maybe I should just appreciate and cultivate that? I don’t know, I feel insane.”


A close source shared insight on Lila’s stunning evolution.


“Only 25% is definitely pretty good for her,” says Lila’s best friend, Jay Wright. “Normally Lila won’t express any positive emotion whatsoever without the disclaimer that she knows things could change at any moment, and it’s like, duh, bitch, we could all die tomorrow, what does that have to do with anything?”


“So anyway, I’m really happy for her that she’s experiencing something good while also fixating only slightly on the fact that she might one day feel bad.”


While Lila is enjoying her relatively unchecked joy, she does also have some concerns about her lack of concerns.



“I mean, I don’t want people to think that I’m just totally happy and detached from reality,” Lila says. “Climate crisis, white supremacy, capitalism: I genuinely care about combatting these forces. But I also don’t it want it to be a thing where I think despair is morally righteous because that’s problematic in itself and doesn’t help anyone. Hm, I am feeling a little panicky. But still, I’m excited to make myself dinner tonight.”


Despite some minor backsliding, we’re glad Lila is experiencing some happiness, sort of!