Aw! This Woman Doesn’t View Rejection as Evidence of Her Worthlessness

In an incredible display of hubris, 22-year-old English major Cynthia Holmes refuses to allow any form of rejection to shatter her sense of self-worth.


“I view each instance of rejection as a learning lesson and more importantly, a chance for redirection,” explains Cynthia. “I don’t really take it personally.”


Aww! It’s actually really adorable that a person can truly believe their self-worth does not depend on the validation of society and those around them!


“After every single graduate school she applied to denied her entry, she just said ‘oh well,’ closed her laptop, and started planning for the next cycle,” says best friend, Darian Billings. “She didn’t even go into a month-long depressive episode where she only ate applesauce and stayed in her room. It was so strange.”


“Yeah, it definitely did sting to not make it into my dream MFA program, but. there’s no use in dwelling on the past, right?” says Cynthia. “I know that I’m a good person and a great writer. I just need to take active steps to improve my application for next year.”


What a psychopath! Where does she get this fucked-up growth mindset?


“When Cynthia was growing up, we did not criticize her for any shortcomings,” says her mother Betty Holmes. “Instead, if she ever came home with a terrible grade, or didn’t make a team, we debriefed with her and made a plan to grow from this tiny setback.”


Wow – it seems like delusion runs in the Holmes family!



“When I broke up with Cynthia after we had been dating for four years, she took it well. A little too well,” says Cynthia’s ex, Sadie Bryans. “When I told her ‘It isn’t you it’s me,’ she replied, ‘I know, it couldn’t possibly be me.’ Like, how did she know?”


Although, her unshakeable sense of self does unnerve us a bit, we do admire her audacity and commend her refusal to abandon her adorable fantasy world.