You Go Girl! This Prehistoric Fossil Is Refusing to Reveal Her Age

A Tyrannosaurus rex named FMNH PR 2081, or as her friends like to call her, Sue, was found recently in South Dakota. But even though scientists know that she’s prehistoric, she simply refuses to reveal her true age.


Okay! We love a bitch who keeps her secrets to herself!


Archaeologists everywhere are desperate to find out how old this prehistoric fossil is, which is even more challenging because she keeps saying she’s in her late thirties. And sure, she could maybe pass for that on a good day, but come on.


“You should never ask a woman her age,” says Dr. Eleanor Grundhall, who discovered Sue’s remains. “And if we never have the technology to get it out of her? Honestly, I respect that.”


Ok, fair!



“I respect the fact that she wants to keep her privacy,” Head of Archaeology, H.R. Lowell explained. “And it’s true that she looks pretty ageless, but we literally need to know how old she is for historical accuracy. This could be a major breakthrough for archaeological science, but this bitch just won’t tell.”


Without any real confirmation of her age, we’ll just have to take Sue’s claims that she’s “in her forties”, even though scientists estimate that she could be at least 50 million years old.


Even though Sue is prehistoric and literal bones, she is definitely still young at heart! You go, Sue!