Wow! This Woman Made a Terrible Meal For Herself

On Friday night, 23-year-old Maura Thompson decided to spend a relaxing night in to enjoy some self-care. She drew a bath, put on some Real Housewives, and proceeded to spend an inordinate amount of time and effort making the worst meal she’s ever made for herself in her adult life.


“Originally, I planned to make something really nice,” Maura says. “I got all these expensive ingredients to make an elaborate ratatouille recipe I saw online. Like, multiple full bottles of $5 spices I will never use again in my life. And then, well, I did technically make it. It took me four hours.”


Wow – we had no idea someone could put so much time into something that tastes so bad!


“I don’t know whether I undercooked it or overcooked it, but I know it definitely wasn’t supposed to taste like that,” Maura said. “I’m not sure why life has to be this way.”


It’s beautiful that Maura followed her desire to do something nice for herself, even though it ended terribly and sort of lowered her self-esteem overall.


“Maura’s been talking about this recipe she’s been wanting to make for awhile,” says her roommate, Sherese. “So I’m not sure why she made something so weird and sad instead.”


But after hearing this, Maura was happy to explain.


“It’s not like I meant for it to come out like that,” she says. “I guess cooking is actually a skill and that’s why food from restaurants tastes good and mine doesn’t.”


“It was so bad that I had to make something else instead,” Maura adds. “But I was so tired by the end of it all that I decided to just eat a bunch of baby carrots, but hey, at least I ate something, right?”



Sure! Plus, you have a ton of leftovers to enjoy later, because the recipe was supposed to serve eight.


While Maura may have enjoyed eating all those baby carrots, we wish her luck in trying to make better meals in the future. But in the meantime, go get that vitamin A, girl!