Medical Miracle! This Woman Convinced Her Doctor to Google ‘Endometriosis’

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A New York woman witnessed an astonishing miracle yesterday when she managed to get her doctor to actually look up a common condition she thought she might be suffering from.


“As usual, my doctor was listening to my problems with barely concealed derision, when he suddenly sighed and typed ‘endometriosis’ into Google,” says Sophie Wilson. “My mind was blown. I couldn’t believe he actually sort of listened to me.”


In a series of truly remarkable events, Sophie’s doctor then preceded to not only listen to the symptoms she described but also attempt to discover what their cause could be beyond “normal women’s problems”.


Bystanders reported in awe how using Google allowed him to show a fraction of credulity towards Sophie’s well-researched hypothesis.


“He read the whole WebMD article and everything,” said one stunned nurse.  “We were all holding our breath.”


After experiencing severe pain for more than seven years, Sophie lived in hope of someone perhaps recognizing this wasn’t great and maybe even prescribing her a painkiller or at least a bit of yoga.


“Normally, I’d be happy with his sage advice that it’s all in my head or that I should lose weight or something,” she said, tears streaming down her face. “So, I was overjoyed when he said he’d never heard of it and would look it up. It was more than I ever dreamed of.”


Sophie’s tale has given many other women encouragement that they too could get their doctors to remember that women’s health conditions are a thing.



Thousands have flocked to the spot where it happened, seeking to witness a miracle themselves. But, for now, her story stands alone – an awe-inspiring, unprecedented tale of a woman receiving almost satisfactory medical care.


Sophie now holds out hope for more progress on a diagnosis as she waits for her next appointment in eleven months.


It remains to be seen whether another miracle will cover her treatment bill.