Wow! This Woman Walked Past a Mirror Being Thrown Away on the Street and Didn’t Take a Selfie

In an inspiring story out of Brooklyn, NY, local resident Jen Klein strolled past a full-length mirror being thrown away on the street without even the slightest physical movement of whipping out her phone and snapping an artsy selfie.


Talk about taking control of your narrative!


When asked about her choice to resist participating in the popular trend, Jen walked us through her process.


“The mirror looks cool, but all I would do is throw it up on my Instagram stories for 24-hours or shove it in the middle of a multi-photo post,” Jen said. “And then what?”


And then what, indeed, Jen!


Once you take a selfie using any reflective surface out in the wild where no one can specifically locate your whereabouts, it can be hard to resist the urge to do it again. However, Jen is done letting her camera dictate her life.


“It is difficult,” Jen confessed. “It feels like every day I’m surrounded by some quirky home good or antique being abandoned on the street that would make for a really cool post, but I can’t indulge in that life anymore.”



Society expects cool girls to present themselves as randomly casual and chill whenever presented with the opportunity, and Klein’s resistance deserves recognition.


“Plus, I saw that article about how influencers aren’t even really using mirrors in their selfies so it’s like, why bother. And this is literally someone else’s trash.”


Reporters were able to get in contact with the previous owner of the discarded mirror, Ginny McMahon.


“I’m moving so I put my mirror out to the curb for someone else to take, and everyone in a crop top, oversized pants, and tiny sunglasses has stopped to take a selfie, except for that girl,” McMahon shared. “I’m choosing to believe it has nothing to do with my old mirror and just the fact that she’s a brave-ass bitch.”