Woman Never Goes 50/50 on a Date Because She Never Gets Asked Out on Dates

Couples and singles alike have argued for centuries over what is proper etiquette while on a date. Traditional gender roles and heteronormativity say that a man should always pay the bill, but in today’s time, modern women are more willing to pick up the check. Not Stacey Potacki, though – the 25-year-old is never willing to pick up the check because no one is ever willing to ask her out.


“I refuse to split the check!” Stacey shared. “That’s what I imagine I would say on a date, if someone ever asked me out on one.”


The debate is age old: Who should pay the bill? Fortunately, this is a question Stacey never has to worry about, as she will likely never be in this situation.


“I have never in my life thought about going Dutch,” Stacey explained. “Mostly because I can’t imagine the warmth of another person sitting across from me at mealtime.”


Stacey is proud to admit that she has never gone 50/50 on date. But don’t get it twisted: Stacey is no cheapskate, she’s just a little lonely. “It’s not that I don’t have money to pay for a date, it’s just that no one ever wants to take me out for a nice evening on the town.”



Though some women just want their date to say, “It’s on me,” Stacey just wants a date, period.


“It would be nice to have some companionship,” she told reporters. “In the words of Beyoncé, ‘All I have got is me, myself, and I.’ At least I know that I will never disappoint myself.”