My Bathroom Stall Door Is Stuck So Now I Have to Live Here

My Saturday started off completely normal; I slept in, took my shower, drank three breakfast smoothies and went out to do some errands. But my life took quite a turn when I made my stop at Marshalls to go to the bathroom and the door to my stall got stuck. So I guess I have to live here now.


Don’t get me wrong—I’ve tried to get out. I kicked the door and shook its frame, but nothing has worked. I’ve shouted for help, but no one has come to my aid, but also my voice was getting sort of hoarse so I gave up. Now I’m just trying to stay positive and plan for my future inside this bathroom stall.


Since I’ve made peace with my new life and home, and I’m actually starting to like it. I was selfish and chose the handicap stall, so it’s absolutely roomy enough for one, plus there is an outlet so I can charge my phone. I don’t even pay rent to be here so it’s been a nice break from the norm.



I think I’ll really enjoy living in this Marshalls bathroom stall. I’ve begun to build a bed with toilet paper, and decorate my toilet seat with leftover rolls. I feel like I have my own personal touch here, which will make the remainder of my life in this bathroom exciting. What can I say; I’m an optimist who tends to give up on things very easily!


You may be wondering how I plan to eat. At first, this concerned me too. But I have four granola bars in my purse, and I have noticed that women actually drop things in the bathroom all of the time! One dropped some peanut butter crackers, and a mother dropped a jar of baby food. I did think about asking her if she’d mind jiggering the latch on the bathroom door from the outside, but she seemed busy and I didn’t really want to bother a busy mom. Plus I’ve already accepted I’m here for life.


It’s a simple life living in this bathroom stall. But honestly, I like it! If I never see my apartment again, I’m okay with that. And I guess if someone tells a building manager that I’m in here, that’d be fine, too. Home is where the heart is, and right now my heart is in this bathroom stall.