Long Day? Treat Yourself to The Handicap Bathroom Stall

Feeling exhausted, stressed out, or just in need of some alone time? Why spend hundreds at the glitziest new luxury spa in town when you can simply pop into the handicap stall in your nearest public restroom?


You’re probably pretty skeptical at this point, and many are. We know what you’re thinking: “The handicap stall? Isn’t that only for people with mobility impairments and me sometimes when I need to poop?” Hey, not so fast. Lock that latch, sit back, and stretch your arms wide without even being close to touching a partition panel. Breathe in. Breathe out. Soon you’ll realize: This is the paradise you’ve been waiting for, and it was right here the whole time.



Take a moment to decompress from the weight of the modern world and soak in the amenities of your new surroundings: A chrome handrail glints along the wall. An en suite Koala Kare® Baby Changing Station stands at the ready. Is this an elevated toilet or a throne fit for a queen? Lay down a waxed toilet seat liner—hell, take two! This stall is about you.



Get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily, regular stall grind. Recharge your batteries in this ADA-compliant oasis and remind yourself that sometimes, you deserve a little pampering—and your own personal in-stall sink! Let go and let yourself be rejuvenated by the space to breathe in your secluded little white-tiled hideaway. Close your eyes, rest your weary head on the toilet paper dispenser, and relax every muscle.


Oh no, are you asleep? Did you just fall asleep on the toilet? How long has it been? It’s dark out, and it was sunny when you came in. Someone’s knocking on the door and just made eye contact with you through the crack. And you just realized your legs are asleep! Did she just say there’s an actual person with a disability waiting to use this stall? Keep calm: Tell them, “My needs come first,” and go back to bed (well, toilet). You deserve it!