How to Network Through That Crack in The Bathroom Stall

Office Pooping Stalemate

Networking is something that you should take advantage of whenever the opportunity arises, even if it only happens in a crack between stalls in the women’s bathroom. Just because your future employer is inside a stall doesn’t mean you can’t advance your career! Even if she’s going number two, these tips will make sure you’re her new number one!


Make Eye Contact

Networking is all about the first impression! Make sure you lock eyes through that tiny crack to show them that you’re confident about your skills and know what you want. Better yet, press your eye up against it to really stand out from everyone else in the bathroom. You’re not just looking for an empty stall, you’re looking for a career!


Wear Appropriate Footwear

Your employers won’t see the full effect of your outfit through that little slit, so it’s extra important that you impress them with your shoes. Go with heels or toilet-paper resistant flats to make sure the only trail that follows you is a trail of success!


Speak With Volume and Confidence

When you start telling her about your strengths and why you would be a valuable asset to the company, don’t forget to speak loud and proud. That extra bathroom echo will remind the boss that you demand to be heard and that you make your own rules!


Give a Firm Handshake

If you know you’re going to be doing some bathroom networking, remove the toilet paper from all the stalls beforehand, so your future boss will need to ask you for some once they’re inside. While handing it to her under the stall, firmly grasp her hand and give it a hearty shake. Remember to have a firm grip—this is a handshake they’ll definitely remember!



Push Your Resume Through

Don’t forget that the crack in the stall is the perfect width to push a piece of paper through—in this case, your stacked resume! Now she’ll have something to read while on the toilet instead of her Twitter feed. You’re welcome!


By following these tips and making the most of that thin little opportunity, you’ll show your future employer that you’re not afraid to do business while taking care of business.