5 Pairs of Sandals That Say, ‘Our Anti-Racist Book Club Hasn’t Met in a While’

Back in the summer of 2020, millions of people took to the streets to protest anti-Black racism and police brutality and purchased a record-breaking number of anti-racism books and sensible summer sandals online. While the footwear remains, fewer white women are still in possession of their passion for actively dismantling white supremacy and the carceral system. So here are the top five sandals that will tell the world, “Yeah, our anti-racist book club hasn’t met in a while! Anyway, what time is brunch?”:



If you’re looking for something that says “I once protested in comfort and stability, and now I brunch in comfort and stability,” these are the sandals for you. Try the crunchy shoes that all but announce, “Look, I don’t have the same amount of time to march as I did last summer but these are fabulous shoes for vacationing in areas with versatile terrains! Also, Black Skin, White Masks was a lot denser than I expected!”



Last season’s hottest way to virtue-signal support for reparations, the Birkenstock is a timeless look. Go for the original leather or try the vegan option to show that your commitment to animal rights is the same as your commitment to human rights, in that it starts and ends with you buying something!



Tevas are waterproof, making them great for protesting in the rain last year and now boating this summer! Whether they’re platforms, regulars, or a fun pattern, these shoes are sure to say, “We all read Are Prisons Obsolete, but then some people in the group were weird about it and we argued, which was sort of tense, and now I’ve been on the introduction of How to be an Antiracist for 11 months.”


Sanuk Yoga Sling

If you craved the zen of standing on a yoga mat while yelling at cops, and now simply crave the zen of standing on a yoga mat in line at Trader Joe’s, then try these humble sandals that say, “We’re still technically using When2Meet to figure out the date of our next discussion, it’s just been really busy since reopening and trying to keep up with the Olympics and all.” This is the work!



Crocs Wedge Sandal

Though these are made by Crocs and make fart noises when it’s a little humid, they are easy to clean, made your legs look amazing in protest pictures on Instagram, and now help you see above tall dudes at music festivals. These sandals won’t even bring up the anti-racist book club because you obviously don’t do that anymore!


These sandals are great for lazy days reading on the beach. What Sally Rooney novel will you be pairing with them this summer?