You Can’t Say Anything Racist Without Being Called A Racist These Days

It’s no secret that times are changing. It used to be that men were men, jokes were jokes, and all facts came from one white guy in a suit who you trusted because he looked like your dad. Now I know I could get in a lot of trouble for just saying this, but I don’t care because someone has to tell the truth: These days, you can’t say anything racist at all without being called a racist.



Before we go on, I just want to say that I am the least racist person I have ever met. If someone is going to call my race-based insults and prejudices “racist,” that’s where “political correctness” goes too far – because there is no way you can truly know if I’m a racist if all you know about me are the racist things I’ve said.


My biggest concern is protecting American freedom. As someone who skimmed George Orwell’s 1984 in 9th grade, I’m terrified by the fact that our current system of Internet Cancel Culture is virtually identical to thought policing if you replace “thoughts” with “thoughts that I decide to say publicly” and “being arrested” with “having an opinion about what I’m saying”.


In this nation, we need to learn to start respecting each other again, and we can all start by respecting the fact that the things I say do not reflect who I am. Honestly, I am just throwing things out there, testing out ideas. I talk all day and most of the time don’t even know what’s coming next because no one has ever interrupted me and most people seem pretty interested in what I have to say. However, much to everyone’s disadvantage, that seems to be changing.


I am not sure why this is seemingly so hard for people to understand, but I will go ahead and spell it out: When you say that I am racist, I do not like that. Please stop, you have to. It’s not fair. Stop doing that.



There’s nothing more important than discourse, and that’s why everyone needs to stop silencing each other and specifically me. I only hope you’ll take a moment and think about the impact of your words the next time you go to accuse someone who said something racist of racism.