Body Language That Tells Him Your FICO Score

When a cute guy catches your eye, it’s normal to want to lure him by screaming your FICO score in his face. If Capital One is willing to take a bet on you, so should he! But there are more subtle ways to advertise your ability to acquire a low interest loan.


Over 90 percent of our communication happens nonverbally, so while your mouth may be saying, “Go ahead, check out my payment history,” you could be subconsciously telling your crush you have $80,000 in student loan debt. Yikes! Tell your crush your precise FICO score without saying a word using these body language tips!


Invade his personal space.

Nothing says “My FICO score is 745” better than leaning forward into your crush’s personal bubble. If you really want to let him know you’re a good credit risk, touch his elbow and whisper something sexy in his ear, like, “I’ve been an American Express member since 2005.”


Stare at him.

Hold his gaze for 17 seconds to let him know you’ve been approved for a mortgage. If his pupils dilate and his nostrils flare, you’ll know the feeling is mutual and he’s an FHA-approved homebuyer, too!



Point your joints in his direction.
Angling your knees, ankles, and collarbones toward the object of your affection shows him you have never missed a payment. To really push him over the edge, toss your hair and arch your back. He’ll know you’re a solid “8” with an Equifax score somewhere between 600 and 800.


Give him a glistening grin.

Nothing says, “I can handle debt and dick!” like a flirty mischievous smile, made brighter thanks to that cosmetic teeth whitening Groupon you charged to your 0% APR Double Rewards Visa Platinum, the balance of which you pay in full each month. Did somebody say, “autopay”? Schwing!


Lick your lips.

Apply a sultry lip gloss, pucker those lips, and glide your tongue across them. Pouting and biting your lips seductively sends a clear message: You contribute to a fully vested 401K and are NOT afraid of QuickBooks.


Remember: Folded Arms = Credit Risk.

Be wary of appearing aloof. Standing alone with your arms folded across your chest unconsciously tells him your student loan officer is stalking you, you’re behind on those Toyota Camry payments, and you have a maxed out Victoria’s Secret card. Don’t send the wrong message unless you really want to telegraph that you could not secure a mortgage right now. Boner fail!

Using body language to convey your credit score let’s a guy know you’re ready to build a future and invest with him. So smile and wink away! After all couples, who pay outstanding debt together, stay together!