Demand a Raise Using Nothing but Subtle Body Language

women - reductress

Ladies, let’s talk money. You’re smart. You’re savvy. You kick ass and take names in the boardroom. But you’re still making less than Brian from Sales. So, what’s the hold up?


“The trouble is, most women barge into offices requesting higher pay without thinking about how annoying their request can be for the listener,” says Theresa Forbes, author of Empower Yourself, But Not In A Pissy Way. “You might be interrupting someone’s sip of coffee, or ruining their Spotify playlist.” Her advice? “If you really, truly hunger for something more, go toward it; but like, quietly.” With that in mind, here are our top tips for breaking the glass ceiling with your own body.


Clasp Your Hands Neatly

Nothing’s more assertive than tidy posture! It says, “I can contain myself in professional environments, which means I deserve an extra $5K and some stock options.” Fold your hands politely at all times, and your boss just might start taking you seriously as someone who’s not going to harsh their buzz.



Constantly Sit on the Edge of Your Seat but Never Lean Forward

Sitting on the edge of your seat projects eagerness and drive. Leaning forward says, “I’m a power-crazed money-grabber!” Try to look subtly engaged, and you’ll be raking in those big bucks in no time—or at least no one will be calling you Tiger Lady.


Blink Less

Blinking too much is a sign of weakness throughout the animal kingdom. Let your boss know you mean business by making slightly more eye contact that usual. But never stare for more than two seconds straight. You don’t want him to think you need something from him. Bosses hate desperate, whiny employees almost as much as they hate verbal female employees. Eyes on the prize, girl!


Touch Your Hair

Getting a raise is about differentiating yourself from the crowd. Are the men at your level making more than you? Highlight this gender disparity by gently tousling your hair from time to time. The key word here is subtlety. Don’t throw your hair around like a horse, or people will see you for the bucking bronco you are.


Remember: Demanding better pay should never be taboo. It’s all about having the confidence, drive and conviction to not bother everyone so goddamn much. Now, get empowered!