Gabby Wants To ‘Lay Low’ For Her Birthday, but Does That Mean She Wants Me to Plan Something?

So I asked my friend Gabby where the party is at for her birthday and major bummer time: She says she wants to “lay low” this year! That can’t be right. Everyone deserves a fun birthday, so I’m thinking that was probably just her hint for me to plan a huge surprise or something? That actually makes a lot of sense.


Gabby is one of those introvert types – she’d rather binge Netflix than do karaoke, which is why I always have to drag her out to Martini Monday and show her how to have a good time. When she tells me “I don’t want to,” deep down, I know that’s what she actually wants. People like that just need a lil’ push!


That’s why I think it’s best for me to plan a wild birthday surprise for Gabby, the thing she specifically told me she doesn’t want to do. She probably just doesn’t wanna deal with the headache of figuring out which bars won’t be crowded with other events that Saturday, but still have good happy hour specials and aren’t totally dead. Plus, sometimes it’s best to call and make sure they’re cool with a flaming cake topper ahead of time, so we don’t get fined by the fire department like we did last year.


I hope she doesn’t mind if I invite my boyfriend. He always knows how to get the funniest chants going.


When I asked Gabby what’s up, she said it’s just been a rough year with her mom being sick and her dog dying and she wants to reflect quietly at home, but you know that’s a cry for help! That’s the talk of someone who might be in need of some strippers.



She even mentioned re-watching Downton Abbey. Yikes! I gotta save my girl!


So to respect her wishes, I’m just gonna plan a really small, intimate thing at the back of a club, inviting only our closest 30 or so friends. Deep down, I know that’s what she wants, and she’s gonna be glad she has a friend like me.