Why I Stopped Using Tinder and Started Walking Around My Neighborhood in Shorts

Dating in your 20s is no easy task – it can feel like it’s impossible to find any decent men at all! Sure, there are dating apps to meet men in your area, but the tedious cycle of swiping, judging, and being ghosted starts to feel tiring and futile. Thankfully I discovered a life-changing solution: I can just walk around my neighborhood in regular-old shorts and get more attention from men than I ever wanted!


Before I discovered shorts, I would have to sort through dozens of messages from men I wasn’t even attracted to who would send gross messages and dick pics. Now, I simply walk down the block in a pair of basketball shorts, and get several offers for sex just a block away from my apartment!



Plus, I can see the men in person immediately, without having to figure out if their photo is current or whether they’re an alcoholic. This way, I can see if they’re currently drunk and know exactly how attracted to them I am in spite of that.


I know some of you may be thinking: “I just use Tinder for the temporary attention! I don’t care about where it leads!” Do not worry, because walking around your neighborhood in shorts will result in an amazing array of compliments that will surely boost your self-esteem after a bad day. Nothing perks my confidence up like a man, approximately 65 years old, telling me he thinks I have beautiful legs!


Sometimes I find myself missing the surprise and excitement of really hitting it off with someone. That’s hard to find with Tinder or any other dating apps. The great thing about walking around your neighborhood in shorts is that men will approach you at any time of day! Whether it’s a morning stroll to the local convenience store to pick up some milk or an evening walk to the subway, love seems to find me on every block, at every hour of the day.



Ever since I made the switch to walking around my neighborhood in shorts, I have been showered in hyper-sexual comments and attention from men any time I leave the house! No more wasting time on silly dating apps for me! I’m drowning in suitors!