Why I Stopped Overthinking And Started Overreacting

I have always been a bit of an overthinker. My mom used to say I came out of her with a furrowed brow, and at that moment she knew I’d be smart, but stressed, just like her. But just a few weeks ago, I realized that all this thinking was making me more anxious than I really needed to be. So I said enough is enough, I’m gonna play it cool: That’s when I stopped overthinking and just started overreacting to things instead.


People are definitely confused by my decision to let my thoughts go and my completely disproportionate reactions begin. You see, it is so much easier to have a huge, kind of scary emotional response to something than waste all that time working through countless exhausting ideas that ultimately lead you to a rational conclusion. Now, when an issue comes up, I just go “WHAT????” whenever anyone says anything, and I’m good to go! People actually like me more now.


At work, I used to frantically rush from meeting to meeting, working late, and losing sleep wondering if I made the right decisions that day. When I decided I was ready to leave the overthinking part of my life in the past, I told them I wouldn no longer be staying late after work, and picked up my computer and threw it on the floor. I can tell my boss and my coworkers are annoyed at me, but what are they going to do – fire me? If they do, I will just throw a tantrum and scream “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?” even though I absolutely deserve to be let go at this time. That’s my plan and let me tell you, it’s incredibly freeing.


If you’re trying to make this change, make sure that instead of being unkind to yourself, always concerned about how your choices will affect the people around you, you just kind of gasp all the time and when people ask about it, just say, “NOTHING.” Or if someone gives you information that’s hard to hear – just hyperventilate and cry. Your friends will appreciate your absolutely inappropriate emotional reaction and ultimately making it all about you for once.


I’m a good friend, cause I treat everyday things like life or death, and people love that.


The transition hasn’t felt effortless. Sometimes I catch myself thinking confusing, negative thoughts, but then I just start screaming. Then I get tired and go straight home to sleep because overreaction can be very exhausting. And if you’re wondering, “Is it really worth it?” All I have to say is: “ARE YOU SAYING YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME? WOW, OKAY. YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK YOU.”