Spooky! These Women All Painted The Exact Same Picture While Drinking Wine

Last Saturday, Melissa Keller and her four best friends went to a magical shop called Painting With a Twang for a night of revelry and art. The result? Five identical paintings created simultaneously. Spooky!


The night began with the women receiving large glasses of merlot and painting materials.


As the women painted, it became increasingly clear that they were all painting the same exact image—a tree in front of a glowing moon. Eerie!


“It made sense, to some extent,” Keller explains. “We’re really close friends and we like wine, and one thing we have in common is that we’re not really all that creative.”


Before the night was over, over 20 other women in the space were painting the same picture too! What hex had been put upon this room?


“People say the paintings are super different,” explains Deb Knight, Keller’s neighbor. “But the only way I could tell mine apart from the others was my name in the bottom right corner. I’m getting the chills just thinking about it.”


Apparently this is not the first time this phenomenon has happened.


“My roommate went and she painted a desert with the sun setting over it,” shares Janet Welk, Keller’s best friend. “And everybody else in the room did the exact same thing.”



Some seem undisturbed by the event.


“That’s kind of the whole point of the class,” teacher Sheila Vogel says. “Everyone paints the same thing on purpose.”


Despite this theory, the frightening facts continue to pile up. Witnesses say the five women took home their paintings and all hung them in their living rooms. Are the paintings cursed? Time will tell!