Email Sign-Offs To Let Him Know You’re A Chick Who Can Hang

You want all the cool guys in your life to like you, right? Emailing is one of the quickest and most surefire ways that you can lose your chick-who-can-hang status. Men hate when you do things efficiently, so let’s get your journey to chill started. Below are five excellent email sign-offs to let him know you’re chill AF and totally down to hang.


I don’t check my phone a lot!

– Liz


We’ve all tried this with texting – but why not transition it to personal and professional email exchanges? Make your digital signature something akin to the above, and you’re golden. Dudes will think you’re wanted, and by their nature will then want you themselves. Cool chick alert!


Who are you again?

– L


Men hate it when you have previous knowledge of who they are. They feel threatened by commitment, and your acknowledgment of them being a person on the planet Earth is…honestly? Super naggy. Your best move is to sign off the digital exchange by literally questioning who he is, even though you literally just wrote him an email.


IDK the clitoris is overrated??

– IDK??


Ladies, it’s time we grew up. The only way men are going to embrace us is if we get over our clits. Nothing kills a boner like female pleasure, and your best route to being accepted to the boy’s club is to express in an obvious way that you’ll make sex all about him. For extra cool-girl points, let him do the work of figuring out who you are.



Video games are art,


If there’s anything that will finally make boys like you, it will be you elevating their fantasy lives to art! Many men claim these colossal wastes of time are their “only escape” from the perils of being a straight man in American society. What better way than in a chill AF email signature?!


But the best email sign-off, of course, is no email sign-off at all. What better way to seem detached and apathetic?! Cool guys everywhere will be lining up to friend request you.