Leg Stretches That Say, ‘My Vagina Is Right Here’

See a cute guy on the gym but have no time to flirt during your workout? No sweat! You can improve your flexibility and nonchalantly grab the attention of the hottie on the treadmill with these simple stretches that will keep your crotch 100% on display! Just one look at these exercises and he’ll be thinking, “Wow, there’s a vagina behind that Lululemon spandex.”


Wide Leg Squats

These wide-stance squats are much more effective than regular squats because you’re basically making a doorway with your legs—a doorway with a vagina for a dude to walk into! Do 15 reps while maintaining eye contact and before you know it he’ll be thinking “So that’s where her vag is.”



A classic you’ve been doing since childhood, the butterfly stretch can be all grown up when you’re using it to show a guy your cooch. Open up your hips and push your knees all the way down to give him a good view. The only thing more beautiful than an actual butterfly is the sweet vagina that’s a mere lycra’s thickness away.


Single Leg Stretch

Take a simple approach and stretch your right quad by folding your left leg in and reaching for your toes. Then switch legs! Don’t block your vagina at any point, though! Otherwise how will he know where it is and then get ideas about to do to it?



Cherry Picks

Stand with your legs spread and stretch your arms down to the floor. If he hasn’t gotten the picture by now, he will now that your face—your normal focal point—is this close to your vagina.



Nothing says “fold up me like a sexy tortilla” than teasing a guy with the splits. Thanks to the previous exercises, he’ll know where your vagina is, and after seeing you do the splits, he’ll run to the rescue after fearing for the safety of your vagina, which is now fully pressed against the gym floor.


Now that you’ve successfully flaunted your agile lady region, your gym crush will totally know where to put it in. And what do you know­–you’re already warmed up to do the business. Nice job!