Brave! This Woman Embraces Her Masculine Side by Not Helping Clean Up After Dinner

In an incredible display of gravitas, 25-year-old Brooklyn resident Mae Waters decided to embrace her masculine side by not helping clean up after dinner.


After enjoying an incredible pasta dinner with her boyfriend, Mae decided to make a change.


“I realized that I was leaning way more into my feminine side,” said Mae. “Y’know, my boyfriend usually cooks, and I usually help him clean the kitchen afterward.”


“I wanted to reevaluate the balance between my masculine and feminine energies, so I decided to just stop cleaning up!” Mae explained.


“Yeah, she didn’t clean anything up,” Mae’s boyfriend Jay Daniels told us. “We usually clean up together after a meal, but after we ate this time she kind of just sat there.”


“I didn’t really mind it and just cleaned up by myself, but it was kind of weird when I started to wash dishes and she immediately got up and went to her room to play Call of Duty,” Jay added.


Mae was delighted to tell us about how engaging her masculine side has made such a huge difference in her life.


“Yeah, I play Call of Duty now,” Mae informed us. “I figured that if I stopped helping to clean up after every meal, I’d have to fill up my time doing something else, right?”


So true!


In addition to this, Mae has a message for all of her potential haters out there.


“Some people may think that it’s rude that I didn’t help to clean up,” Mae said.  “But I think those people only have a problem with it because I’m a woman.”



“It’s like, what, so I’m supposed to clean up because I made a huge mess in the kitchen? Because I spilled tomato sauce all over the walls and floor while trying to flip a lasagna, which apparently is not something you’re supposed to do? If I was a man you probably wouldn’t question any part of that, would you?”


Wow, she’s got us there!