7 Selfies that Make You Look Happy

Everyone’s life may be a miserable, emotional and physical trainwreck, but there’s no reason to look that way on Instagram! Follow these tips to stage selfies that make you look SUPER happy:


1. Pose with money.

Turns out money can buy happiness. A couple of $20 bills will make you look like a tycoon, not an unemployed graphic novelist! For a bigger effect, overdraft for that crisp new $50.


2. Look like you’re on vacation.

Happy people love to travel the world! Make sure you take a selfie in front of a well-known landmark so there’s no doubt you’re out of town. Can’t afford to travel? Download an app and Photo Shop yourself in Paris! Trés chic!


3. Look up at the ceiling.

What are you looking at? Who cares, as long as you look blissful and filled with joy while doing it. This classic face screams, “I love life and I’m never going to die!”


4. Take a shot with big group of girlfriends.

It doesn’t matter if you are really friends with them or not; the more people you have in your photo, the better. Take a pic with a group of fun-loving Scandinavian strangers. Everyone will think you’re popular!


5. Pose With Food.

You might have a crippling eating disorder, but mask your hunger pains by posing with a delicious treat! You’re so happy because you can literally eat anything without gaining weight!


6. Use a skinny filter.

Feeling self-conscious about your thighs or your ever-expanding baby bump? Use a high angle and a black and white filter and your least favorite body part becomes a stylized work of art.


7. Crop Out Gloomy People.

Have a great pic where you are smiling in the sunshine but your sister-in-law Nora is wearing her chronic bitchy resting face? Cut her out and use it anyway! Such form lets arranging the price of course.