Recent Grad? Kick Off Your Summer With Fresh Bouts of Career Anxiety

Graduating college can feel like the beginning of your freedom, considering you’ve spent the last twenty years of your life in a classroom. Of course, with that pride comes inevitable stress related to the newfound lack of structure in your life and the general unknown that lies ahead. If you’re a recent grad looking for something to do this summer, why not kick off your first year out with fresh bouts of extreme anxiety related to your career!


It’s easy, but it will not be fun!


Sure, your carefree classmates that have already secured jobs at their dads’ law firms have plans to take luxurious trips to Europe to celebrate earning their degrees. But, why do what everyone else is doing? Instead, spend the entire summer locked in your childhood bedroom watching episode after episode of early aughts television that you’ve already seen but that allows you to escape, just for a moment, from the upsetting truth that you’ve applied to seven different entry-level marketing jobs and haven’t heard back from any of them! Don’t blow your graduation money on one last taste of your early youth when you can spend it on sad pints of Ben & Jerry’s over the course of the next three months!


See? Being a recent grad is awful!


Don’t worry, you can still do summery things even though your life is actually starting right now and the decisions you make now will have far-reaching consequences in your adult life and you’ve created an impossible timeline for yourself to achieve international success. Head to the park and read a book you never had time to read in school or take a bike ride around the lake to soak up the beauty of nature before you jump into ‘real life’ and have no time to do anything you now find enjoyable! Of course, you’ll be unable to enjoy anything because you’ll be overthinking about the fact that you should probably already have a job lined up and feeling like a dumb idiot for still living at home and eating from your parent’s fridge.



On your graduation day, you thought fun times were just around the corner when in reality, you’ll probably never have fun again! Cool!


Do your best to relax! Remember that everyone is going through this difficult transition, and you’re actually handling it really well! Oh wait, remember your student loan debt? Haha, nevermind! Your life has already peaked both in terms of enjoyment and ease of living!


Have a good summer!