Fresh Bug-Out Bags for Summer

You update your shoes and hats for summer, but what about your bug-out bag? Give your style a little boost this season with a fresh pack to stow your end-of-days essentials for the apocalypse, or worse! You’ll be the envy of everyone in that bombed-out Home Depot!


Basic Black: A high-quality black bag never goes out of style, especially when fleeing the apocalypse. It’s sure to match whatever outfit you’ll be wearing when you flee your building mid-earthquake as it crumbles to the ground behind you. This CAN and WILL happen. This darker bag will also provide extra SPF protection should this disaster occur during the summer months. With this chic sack, you’ll be praying for that hidden fault line to violently make itself known! You will survive and others won’t.


Steel-Framed Hiker: This one is large enough for your bulkier emergency items (think assault rifle or car battery), but still looks sleek. Feel free to load it up with everything you could possibly need, from your Leatherman to your bar of gold bullion. We know the vital infrastructure of our country will fail around the same time that the zombies arrive, so you’re gonna want to have absolutely everything you need. That steel finish on your Multi Tool will really sparkle when you light a flare against it to scare off the inevitable swarm of the undead.



Cute Camo Backpack: Military prints are in this season, and this bag’s chameleon-like color scheme will help you blend into the brush while you hide from the UN’s black helicopters. When food supplies dwindle, they will hunt us down to thin the herd—but you already knew that! The straps are padded and ergonomic, and the pack’s small inner pockets are perfect for easy-to-lose items like heirloom jewelry or cyanide capsules. Win-win!


Fun Fanny Pack: This is just for essentials to keep on your person in the event that you can’t make it to your larger BOB right away, but that doesn’t mean you need to slack in the style department. While you want to avoid bright colors (unless you’re in the snow and want to be seen), a zipper in a slightly contrasting hue can give your look a little summery pop. Use this little number to hide your face paint, matches, elk jerky, and the gold fillings you’ve sucked out of your teeth. Tourist chic!


Ripstop Duffle: A bag like this can double as a body shield in a pinch. Stow your sleeping bag, Mylar survival blanket, machete, and the only remaining draft of your apocalyptic novel in this roomy piece. As you drift off under the stars, dreaming of a reality in which you didn’t have to eat zoo animals for food, you’ll at least be comforted by the sturdy design of this workhorse bag. It’ll outlast all others, just like you!


Remember that while you can pack any number of items to be prepared for the worst, the only thing you can’t pack is the right mindset. With that being said, get out there with your new bag a-swinging and repopulate our scorched and desiccated Earth. You go, girl!